8 Useful iPhone XR Apps That More Users Should Try

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If you own an iPhone XR, you should try downloading and using the most useful iPhone XR apps. It will help you to enjoy the maximum potential of your iPhone. An app for securing your device, automating tasks, and connecting with your friends can ease your life.

Using reliable apps, you can discover the key features of the iPhone XR. Some of them include faster Face ID, Liquid Retina Display, and lots more. Let’s go through the list of apps you should download.   


This is the most popular iPhone app used for the integrated Keychain rather than using Keychain for login details auto-fill. You can log into any app or webpage without accessing the 1Password app.

All you have to do is enable 1Password in settings and select the Passwords option. It will update automatically when you sync the data via this account. The information keeps on updating even when the application is not running.


This is another recommended app for iOS 12. It adds amazing automation features to the iPhone XR, which are included in Siri. The best thing is that you can create Shortcuts via third-party options.

Using the Shortcuts app, you can generate complex workflows activated when you use a particular Siri phrase. You can create shortcuts via single actions from third-party apps supporting Siri Shortcuts.

Find My Friends

As the name depicts, the find my friends iPhone app is used to easily find friends and family. You can find anyone via iPod, iPhone, and iPad touch. After installing this app, you have to share your location with friends.

Once you share your location with friends, they can start following your location. They can also share their location with you to create a loop between both. Before using the app, be sure that your device is connected to a wireless network for better performance.


This is a prominent app used as an alternative to the Podcast app. The easier interface and exceptional features, such as Smart Speed, make it a choice for many iPhone users. It has even gained support for Siri Shortcuts.

The whole new ‘Now Playing’ screen design is hugely praised by users. You can easily locate chapters and advanced controls. You can create custom phrases to set voice commands for a playlist, individual shows, or a podcast.

Alloy – Launcher and Automator

This is an ideal app for people who are tired of using several apps performing the same daily activities. It simplifies life by streamlining the options. You can save time and effort by automating your daily activities.

From adding a profile to a Facebook account and launching any app to sending canned messages, it does everything. Experienced users and beginners can all use this app in just a few minutes as it is easy to use.

Bear Notes

Apple users can make the best use of Bear Notes as the most flexible writing app for creating notes. You can compose anything you want in an impressive writing atmosphere. You can connect notes to better organize your work.

The great Focus mode will allow you to concentrate on your writing. If you don’t want anyone to access your sensitive notes, you can protect them with Touch or Face ID. Note that it works perfectly as a note-taking app.    

Carrot Weather

This crazy-powerful weather app provides quick access to hourly, recent, and daily weather forecasts. You can determine the weather straight from your wrist using Carrot’s Apple Watch app on iPhone XS or XR.

Recently, this app has launched some new features to enjoy Apple Weather data integration and lock screen widgets. Carrot Weather is free to download for Android and iOS users. Some features are accessible just to Premium club members.

PCalc Lite

Tired of using your default calculator? Try the customizable and versatile PCalc Lite app. This is one of the excellent iPhone XR apps that effectively work with Siri Shortcuts. This feature-rich calculator is perfect for students, programmers, engineers, and everyone.

PCalc Lite is a fully-functional app that consists of a large set of unit conversions and constants. It gives a useful widget and numerous excellent themes. You can even buy extra features inside the app and include your Apple Watch app.   


The iPhone XR is among the top-selling iPhones that come within the budget of iOS device owners. It is packed with innovative features and leading-edge upgrades. To grab the specialties of the iPhone XR, access the list of must-have apps.

Once you get a brand new iPhone, the initial thing you’ll require is to download apps to get the most out of it. So, download all or some of them as per your requirement and see how useful they’re for your iPhone.

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